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I just pre-ordered the boxset.

good period for Miles. Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and my favorite drummer, Tony Williams.

excellent stuff.

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This podcast is just awesome.
Hour after hour after hour of prima jazz, old and new, slow and fast, whatever and more.
Free to download weekly!
How long can it last?
If you like it, well I'm not saying you should donate a small sum, but you could do worse with your hard earned cash...
Have a listen
"Classic albums: Nevermind" is on VH1 classic this afternoon for anyone who gets that channel and wants to see this on the big box.
Listening to SRV "Couldn't Stand the Weather" on super audio cd and 3 times now, I thought ole' Stevie was playing in my living room!
Some time in the fall of '91 I was staying out of the rain, waiting for my start, at the A&B Sound down from Kootenay Loop. Song was playing through their system. It was interesting, more than most things I'd heard for a while, with its tempo and volume changes, and it caught my attention. I hadn't paid much attention to rock for most of the 80s. I knew Guns n Roses had put out a new CD and thought that was them. But I didn't investigate at the time.

Later in the year John Armstrong (Buck Cherry of the Modernettes, see above, or a previous page) did a best of '91 list in the Vancouver Sun. Because of his say-so I went and bought a couple, the Pixies and Nirvana. Only could find a cassette of Nirvana. The shopkeeper muttered, "this is getting ridiculous".

So it wasn't Guns, it was Nirvana I'd heard playing Teen Spirit. The rest of the CD/cassette was equally amazing. Almost came out of my skin during Territorial Pissings back then. Still do.

I'm not sure what it is about Nirvana. I liked them prior to hitting it big with "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on MTV - Bleach played heavily (and still regard as their best) - up to their final release yet I can't bring myself to listen to them now. Cds packed away with zero interest in listening to them again. Strange.

and doesn't that album cover look like the old Peel Sessions covers?

back when oasis were writing good songs - even if the riff is just slightly similar to "this notes for you"

i can't decide whether this is funny or creepy or both, all things considered- kurt cobain doing ian curtis?

Heard Love is Strange being played on the national news just before I left for work. Sylvia Robinson passed away. Mickey and Sylvia. I didn't know her connections to Sugar Hill Records and the beginnings of rap.

I always liked Love is Strange because of the "how you call your loverboy?" question and response. Echoed by the NY Dolls years later in Trash. It was also used in a CFRO co-op radio station show, Rock Talk, back when I learned a lot about rock history. "and if he still doesn't answer? I say *snap snap* Rock Talk". And then there'd be part eleven of a fifteen part series on Winnipeg rock. Michael Willmore was, and still is, a completist when it comes to his music shows.

RIP Sylvia.

And I like the guitar.
I loved this song the first 10 times I heard it. I then heard it 1,000 times within the next few weeks, and back in '75, I had more important shit to do than listen to the same crap over and over again. Only in the last year or so have I realized that it is a great piece. Here's how it was made:

Cut to the chase:

Didn't I already post this? Ahh...Irish Whisky.
Guy says he's been trouble on the Skytrain and if he's trouble on the bus to kick him off at London Street. Sometimes it's hard to babysit a drunk for seven stops. Four down he starts singing in a wretched baritone. Five in he asks others if they believe in God. Four do and he doesn't. Then he shouts hey buddy where are we? Next stop is London. Thank God he says. And then stands at the rear door and apologizes for imbibing in too many alcoholic beverages. And punctuates it all by saying I hate you all. 29 more shifts to go and guys like him I'm going to miss.

This song went through my head for the remainder of the night:

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