What are you listening to? The world really needs to know - Mark IV

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Well, he's rehashing himself, isn't he. Which is what everyone ends up doing if they hang around long enough.


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"Bukowski shook his head. 'I told you, I only listen to classical stuff. It helps me write. Sometimes I don't mind listening to the female voice, but I can't stand hearing a man sing.'
Just then, Paul Simon's '50 Ways to Leave Your Lover' began playing. I danced and sang along to all the words.
'Just slip out the back, Jack-make a
new plan, Stan-you don't need to be coy, Roy-
just get yourself free,' I crooned.
When the song ended, I asked, "No didn't you like that one?'
'Yeah I did,' he said chuckling. 'That guy's got some style - some sparkle.
What were those lyrics - just jump out the back, Jack? Yeah, that
was okay, Kid.'"

Pamela Wood: Scarlet, p. 23



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So, you think you're a 100% straight heterosexual male ? Try to withsatnd the tuxedo-clad seductiveness that IS 1976-era Bert Parks. Good luck....


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^ Freakin' ouch is what that is.

Moving on. You've no doubt heard this if you've ever been to the cinema or own a TV, but there's no certainty in exactly who composed what. No matter. Dare I say this would be the one reason you'd get me into a church. It's the appropriate venue.

BTW, there are many versions of this out there, mainly differing by recording quality and also by the approach and tempo. This one is, in my estimation, exactly what this piece should sound like.



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One of the few good covers. I like the original version too.
Don't tell anyone.


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Yeah, it's not an ironic take. It's faithful yet still has some hint of SY in it. Ponder, are you referring to the Carpenters version? bc the actual original version is written by Delaney Bramlett and performed by Delaney & Bonnie titled "Groupie (Superstar)" from their lp D & B Together.

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