What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

I was heavily dosed on The Carpenters in the 70s. My parents had ALL of their albums on 8-track.

Re Karen Carpenter: Something indescribable about her voice to me, but I'll try:

"Very high fidelity. Smokey and sultry with an always present tang of melancholy."

Not sure that captures her sound, but it's a start. Any other thoughts?
The aggressive repetitiveness in this album is amazing on some songs like this one. It can be a bit of drag on others, though. Interesting album overall. More thematic than anything else really. Felt like I was watching a scene from a David Lynch movie the whole time, but without the scene. I should probably listen to it a second time for it to really sink in, if I can find another couple of spare, noiseless hours of my life to do it.


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the max machine is still going strong! they remind me a bit of zappa except they're good...