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Art should be its own hammer.
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It's that red sweater, it just screams juvenile delinquent.

the only good poet

One retreat after another without peace.
There is a cool story behind that song. As I recall it, Art's roommate at University had a condition that took away his sight and he was going to throw in the towel, but Art convinced him to stay on. He gave him the confidence to deal with his sudden disability. He took him into the city (New York?), made some excuse and left him to find his way back to campus. Of course, he never left him at all. He was in the background the whole time, making sure his friend didn't get into anything too serious. !!! Anyway, he made it back and from that day, that gave him the confidence to negotiate anything. The roommate recounted his experience on the BBC Soul Music series. I cannot find that particular episode. It is a good series, notwithstanding your preferences.


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Television often struck me as some guys who just learned how to play guitar scales and really wanted to show you how they went, so they made up some songs to showcase their noodling.

But the song Marquee Moon is a jagged little (or big) nugget of what was, at the time, sincere and genuine differentness. A lot of that kind of differentness was going around in New York City at the time, so respect due, as the kids say.

Because I'm patriotic, here's a story: Jimmy Page once said that if he had found out the portuguese guitar earlier he would have used it in Led Zeppelin records. In a summer of 1987 Jimmy was on vacations in Algarve, he heard the sound of the guitar and he gave around 750 euros for one, they said he looked like a small child with the guitar in his hand, and, because he was Jimmy Page he didn't want the instructions manual to play it, later he called the man who sold it, Rui Ferreira, to get the manual because he didn't even knew how to tune it. Later in 1994 he was asked about the guitar and he replied: "Oh my friend, I couldn't play it".

To me, this guitar just have one master.


Humberto Gessinger, Brazilian Singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and writer.

English lyrics
How many times have I been face to face with the worst half? The memory in the mirror, the hope on the other bank How many times do we survive the moment of truth? For lack of something better I never lacked courage If I knew before what I know now I would miss everything exactly the same I've been living one day a week Run out of money, month still have Without past or future I live one day at a time How many times have I been face to face with the worst half? How many times do we survive the moment of truth? If I knew before what I know now Would leave before the end Surfing Karma and DNA I don't want to have what I don't have I'm not afraid of making mistakes Surfing Karma and DNA I don't want to be what I'm not I'm no bigger than the sea, oh oh Oh oh For lack of what to do I invented my freedom Surfing Karma and DNA
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