What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

The Plimsouls--I'd heard of them but never knew much about them. Now I'm enjoying the exploration. I was inspired by finding the LA band, The Question (a video of whom I posted earlier back).

Hi mjp: check out the little Peavey Backstage amp in the background. It's like the one I picked up last year, if you recall. 😁

Hi PhillyDave: thanks for The Speedways. Never heard of them but I like power pop...

The Plimsouls "Zero Hour" on "Hollywood Heartbeat" Local L.A. TV Show 1980

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now that would make a good high school senior bio quote...
I wanted to clarify I'm not a guy trying to plug a band, but I'm of the age of one who might. And I appreciate you might deal with that kind of guy every now and then. I have been listening to a lot of Waits up to Frank's Wild Nights. I just figured posting something from that would be so ordinary and obvious in this type of of nook. I don't suggest that band I posted is great. I don't know why I'm back here. I created the account drunk and I'm back drinking shit Seagram's 7. I've argued to exhaustion with the people I live with and posting something here is sort of an escape. I enjoy arguing, but nobody I argue with seems to feel the same.
I went to the local Library and asked where I could find Bukowski and the librarian said,"who?"
I almost grabbed his shirt collar, but I'm too much of a pussy. He was actually a very pretty woman. Probably younger than me.
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