What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

The Plimsouls--I'd heard of them but never knew much about them. Now I'm enjoying the exploration. I was inspired by finding the LA band, The Question (a video of whom I posted earlier back).

Hi mjp: check out the little Peavey Backstage amp in the background. It's like the one I picked up last year, if you recall. ?

Hi PhillyDave: thanks for The Speedways. Never heard of them but I like power pop...

The Plimsouls "Zero Hour" on "Hollywood Heartbeat" Local L.A. TV Show 1980

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"the future's uncertain and the end is always near."

now that would make a good high school senior bio quote...
I wanted to clarify I'm not a guy trying to plug a band, but I'm of the age of one who might. And I appreciate you might deal with that kind of guy every now and then. I have been listening to a lot of Waits up to Frank's Wild Nights. I just figured posting something from that would be so ordinary and obvious in this type of of nook. I don't suggest that band I posted is great. I don't know why I'm back here. I created the account drunk and I'm back drinking shit Seagram's 7. I've argued to exhaustion with the people I live with and posting something here is sort of an escape. I enjoy arguing, but nobody I argue with seems to feel the same.
I went to the local Library and asked where I could find Bukowski and the librarian said,"who?"
I almost grabbed his shirt collar, but I'm too much of a pussy. He was actually a very pretty woman. Probably younger than me.
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When I saw a Fanny video pop up I assumed it would be "Butter Boy," so that was nice. They are, for the most part, forgotten pioneers.

But the Millington sisters are still going strong.


And speaking of "Butter Boy"...



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They were on the radio here, briefly, in the early/mid-70s. They weren't the first all-female band, but they were the first to come out on stage and dare to play and behave like all the male rock bands. There wasn't another all-female hard rock band until The Runaways. Then the doors (kind of) opened up in the 80s and 90s.
I remember having, I don't know, 14-15 years old an being struck by lightening, it was Natural Born Killers by Oliver Stone.
I've searched the song for two years, back when I didn't knew what Internet was, I finally fond Patty.
I'm afraid of that women... or all of them, but this one... damn.
Just imagine the necessary balls this skinny white women in 1978 had to make this.

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