What are you listening to now?


Sad Flower in the Sand
I've been waffling between the Bob Dylan box set that came out late last year, the White Album, and Modest Mouse. My wife and I recently snagged some Bowie and Zappa from my father in law, as well as some Beatles stuff I haven't heard before soo... I'll be busy for awhile.


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5 Regina Spektor and Wailers CDs on random shuffle. I haven't heard anything bad yet...the unlikely pairing is really paying off.
David Oistrach plays Brahms

The Best of Gil Scott-Heron.

The Revolution will not be Televised.
Winter in America
"B" Movie

All great stuff. Funky bass, actually played by a bass player with fingers!


I have Free Will on vinyl. One side is all militant, anti-establishment screaming and the other side contains some of the most beautiful soul grooves the 1970's ever saw IMHO - "The Middle Of Your Day", "Speed Kills", "Did You Hear What They Said"....

Played this one at work yesterday :

(Jill Scott's Who Is Jill Scott?)


If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski
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Bukowski-net group on Last.fm?

I was just logging on to www.last.fm when this idea hit me. Why not create a Bukowski-net group there? (There already is a Bukowski-tag.) Then this thread could expand to the digital media. While reading about "what are you listening to now?" I could listen to it at the same time!
Maybe even MJP could embed a link to it from the site here...

Problem is I don't know much about groups on Last.fm. Does anyone else?



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Funny you should put that Dictators album up there. Just this morning I was reading a Lester Bangs piece he wrote for NME in 1977 about the Clash, and he mentioned the Dictators.


"I was thinking about giving up writing about music altogether last year when all of a sudden I started getting phone calls from all these slick magazine journalists who wanted to know about this new phenomenon called, "punk rock." I was a little bit confused at first because as far as I was concerned punk rock was something that first raised its grimy snout in 1966 in groups like the Seeds and the Count Five and was dead and buried after the Stooges broke up and the first Dictators album bombed.

I mean, it's easy to forget that just a little over a year ago there was only one thing: the first Ramones album.

But who could have predicted that that record would have such an impact..."


Then it goes on for about 10,000 more words like most Lester Bangs stories or "reviews" (NME had to split the article over three issues it was so long).

I bought the Dictators albums, but I could never really latch on to them.
the hold steady

citrus: (fan made video, but great nonetheless.)
[This video is unavailable.]

you can make him like you: (video.)

first night: (another fan made, great song, p.s. the video is bleh, just listen to the song.)

chill-out tent: (a contest video, pretty good.)