What are you listening to now?

Pavel Stratan: M-am nascut de ziua mea

a guy from Romania. Very relaxed song.
the lyrics are pure nonsense (like: "I was born on my birthday - o what luck!").

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cleaning the house. it's my son's birthday today, he's 4.
some good cleaning music....





I love this. Especially love how the sound changes when the door opens. The sound is less restrained. Or is that my mind playing tricks on me? I have never heard of him, but that is an amazing cool song.



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Chronic that is obscure. I have that on CD nice music. I Scare Myself or do I have the name wrong. Is that band from the bay area? Santa Cruz or Los Gatos?

Is it obscure? I don't really know... I still have a copy on vinyl from when it was new. Looking at the customer reviews on Amazon, it's interesting that several say that they think it's the best live album ever. Dan Hicks was an original member of The Charlatans, said to be the first "hippie" band from the bay area (SF I think), and yes, I Scare Myself is on the album and a great song to boot. There's no other music like it.


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João Gilberto (1973, Brasil) Polydor 2451073 (reissued 1978, Polyfar 2493 102)
Recorded: Águas de Março, Undiú, Na Baixa do Sapateiro, Avarandado, Falsa Baiana; Eu Quero um Samba, Eu Vim da Bahia, Isabel (Bebel), É Preciso Perdoar, Izaura.

To many people, a boring album. A fucking masterpiece to my ears: mesmerizing is too unfair a word to describe that voice with that acoustic guitar and that minimal percussion-so minimal it seems it's just not there.
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Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
Coincidence , this morning pulled out Astrud Gilberto's finest Hour ,
a Verve Collection
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today is the day it finally happenned. we all knew it was coming.
all Clash all the time.







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When and where? I'm sure I will find some way to contribute something to help get him there. He does live at one of the farthest points away from anything. He does find some nice stuff to listen to. Chronic should be the co-DJ. Yes?

But who will be the bartender?;)
Tiff, I work as a writer for Roy Orbison Records, more specifically for Roy Oribison Radio, which will making a viral launch on the internet soon.

As to what I've been listening to today: the "Alice" album by Tom Waits.